An inspiring minimalistic area for young atrist with scandinavian motives. The main colours are achromatic, also we have chosen some natural colour as accent. This interior project is cozy, bright and full of natural materials and nature elements because it was very important for client

The main goal was to fulfill dreams of a client- young studying person who is in love with nature and art. Client asked for light minimalistic design with scandinavian and ethno motives. Also, she mentioned about black interior details and plants

Because client has told, that nature is her main inspiration, a lot of natural materials were used. The main colour there is white, you can see it everywhere- walls, some furniture and textile. Plus, the rough wood is used in kitchen zone, which is looking good in contrast with classical style scandinavian kitchen and long soft curtain. The resting zone is dark and very comfortable

It was good to know, that client and her parents accepted my concept and now this project is in progress to became real. I have learned that combination of scandinavian design coziness with rough materials and nature elements can create modern and inspiring space

Posted by Anastasija Čaplinskaja-Michejeva

Young interiod design specialist with 2 year working experience

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