Together with the designer Pablo Rodriguez we created a furniture line for the company ZZETA S.A.S.

The demands of the new market and trends in office furniture, force us to design things that are easy to assemble and comfortable when working.

The main purpose was to create a cheap office line that could be accessible to everyone. We develop a line that meets basic specifications of cost vs quality so that we can reach many more customers with our products without having to sacrifice the most important thing that the vast majority looks for when buying … the price.

Beyond fixing on a trend we decided to choose materials that were always available to the market regardless of whether they are “fashionable” or not, and thus be able to offer a wide range of combinations to the client and that can be adjusted to different spaces.

We chose materials that are resistant to the dialy use, which in turn were of good quality and low cost. When choosing textures and colors we focus on giving contrast and enhancement between each of the combinations.

Currently the company is developing the project and hopes to have it on sale for the first half of 2019.This not only seeks to expand the market and offer variety but also make a difference in terms of cost vs. quality, which today is a very important factor when buying to certain brands.

  • Interior Designer: Michelle Narvaez
  • Interior Designer: Pablo Rodriguez
  • Other: ZZETA S.A.S

Posted by Michelle Narvaez

I am an Spaces and Scenarios Designer from Bogotá, Colombia.

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