This series of wall units for storage and shelving were inspired by the dry regions in the South West of Puerto Rico. Constantly pounded by the Caribbean Sea’s fierce elements, the resulting landscape seems to be sculpted into sharp edges and complex folding planes. The property, Villa Mariposa, is a unique getaway to spend some time and enjoy the breath-taking views of Puerto Rico.

The plan for this project was to provide storage capacity to an otherwise minimalist living room of Villa Mariposa, a spectacular villa located in Guánica, Puerto Rico. But because of there being just a handful of elements in the room, the three pieces of furniture were destined to be conversation pieces. Ample space, high ceilings, and breath-taking views serve as the perfect backdrop for the wall units, which take advantage of the cinematic quality of the space as they seem to shift their lines as one passes by them.

Inspiration came from the surrounding views. This area in Puerto Rico is drier than usual and thus the landscape is more rugged, angular and sculptural. Materials and colors were selected based on the predominant color palettes. Sand-resembling maple wood was chosen as the principal material to add warmth to the space and it combined very well with the whites and concrete walls around.

People have responded very well, the property has been receiving much attention as it is available for short-term rental and private events. Something new can be learned from every project. This one forced us to think about the fourth dimension: time. A cinematic experience enhances the visually appealing quality of the zig-zag layout, just as pleasing as watching the ocean waves fade into the porous sand in the shore.

  • Furniture Designer: Javier Olmeda
  • Build: Constructo
  • Architect: TagD2

Posted by Javier Olmeda

Javier Olmeda is a Puerto Rican Furniture Designer. He's the founder and Principal Designer of Constructo, a design studio and fabrication workshop, specialized in custom furniture and bespoke pieces.

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