Zitting N Seating showroom space design is the first project ALAND have done for an office furniture company in China. We tried to combine the element of nature with graphic and interior element. Also, we generated the design idea and cooperated with different parties on this project.

The products of Zitting N Seating are a philosophy of placidity. They believe a chair is not just a piece of dead furniture, with a clear focus on people and pleasure, they provide physical comfort as well as inner peace. It is also their calling, to provide a platform to focus on professional sitting knowledge dissemination, performance and personality, along with the ability to achieve sustainability.

Our design idea came up with a simple stone, which is from nature and the very beginning human sat on it as a chair. Also, We were inspired by the Japanese sand garden. The idea was designed to be more artistic and the combination of art, graphic and nature, instead of a topical office furniture showroom.

Mostly we got positive comments from their clients. They do like the feature wall. Also we cooperated with a studio – Stickyline to create the paper stone on this project. They do many paper art pieces and we did learn much about paper art from them.

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  • Design Direction: ALAND
  • Giant Paper Stone: Stickyline

Posted by Alan Wong

ALAND is a graphic design studio based in Hong Kong, we focus on branding, graphic design and creative direction. ALAND was founded in 2018 by Alan Wong, who graduated from RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) with a Bachelor's Degree in communication design in 2010.

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