This a project of an apartment for a young couple. To save some money for constructions and decorations clients asked to use as less materials as possible. They liked the loft style of interiors, so we used almost all of concrete structures in apartment. Wall made of glass blocks separates lobby from bathroom and adds some light and lightness to space. Floors and colors of the walls zone the space, so there is only 2 solid walls. One between kitchen and bathroom and one between living area and bedroom.

The plan for this project was to make fresh and cozy space for a young couple. We’ve chosen the loft style and wanted to make not so “pop” as much of them looks like these days. The main goal was to save as much space as possible and as much money as possible. All materials were chosen from locals. Lots of surfaces vere kept as they were built.

The style was chosen by clients. But modern loft interiors are pretty similar, so we decided to use as less “pop” loft details as possible. So one can see here loft interior with no bricks, no Edison bulbs, no rusty metall etc.

People like this project very much. Especially the clients. It was very interesting to accomplish this challenge to make some loft interior but without using any main loft cliches. The area of 50 square meters looks much bigger. It was also interesting to know that much of materials can be found on Ukrainian market, and their quality is quiet good

  • Interior Designer: EK Design studio
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Posted by Eugene Kolomiychenko

Interior designer, 3d artist, sculptor

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