The project was designed for a young couple who love the minimalist modern style. This home office is located in a private house. The goal of our team was to create an absolutely comfortable space mainly for the office but also for the guest room.

Our main request was to create workplace and also guest room in small space. We had only one condition. The room had to have a big work table. We tried to make the room seems more like a peaceful relaxing zone.

We had to think about all these stuff which are necessary in your little office and find a smart place for them. By creating a white cabinet we made a lot of storage space and we didn’t make the room seems smaller.

It was hard to design something simple and in the same time something sophisticated in a very small room. The most important thing for us is to make the owner of the apartment really happy and comfortable with the place

  • Interior Designer: monmar

Posted by Marek Ivanko

We are young interior design studio in Trenčin.

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