Apartment in Bucharest designed for a bachelor. A mix of industrial and oriental elements for a very complex and eclectic taste.
The apartment in open space, so the the felling of it is very unified by using wood texture in contrast with black metal elements.

The client has middle eastern origins, but he is traveling all over the world, so I tried to create a space, where he can feel at home but reflect his complex life. I’ve tried to do a combination of styles and element to reflect his multicultural influences.

The style was chosen together with the client.He has a very complex style view , it had to accommodate his business and playful sides, and his dynamic lifestyle, to be functional and elegant in the same time.I used wood as a primary material, to reflect his warmness and metal to underline his pragmatic side.

The responses were very good, I learned how to put into visual images a lifestyle.
I learned how to listen and understand very subtle indicators of preferences, and to know how to translate them. I spent a lot of time just trying to fell and observe a way of living

Posted by Bianca Beis

Interior designer from Bucharest

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