Appartment located in Alexandria, Egypt ” Zizenya ” Street, made with contemporary style and luxury intimation.
An interior design reflects the lifestyle and passions of clients.
From the point of view based on enough experience in this field , noticing from the entryway to the other rooms , how the design was matched combining between interior walls , the false ceilings and the matched colors.

This project defines a residential interior entryway and reception for a couple who has just get married. They wanted it to be a cozy contemporary style design. At first i had to collect few pictures of the project and did some sketches to imagine more what this project design needs to be.
the goal was to get a functional space,in a contemporary style and to achieve what the clients really want and to finish the project within the timeframe agreed upon.

I chose a simple color palette that matches and defines this contemporary style and also warmth colors, using also wood texture and the design of the walls using decorative plasters.
the clients wanted a style that matches their life style and this design style was so perfect for them to live in such relief space.
through many projects that i have seen, i got inspired, this style is not classic nor modern or new classic, i like it because it shows a simple modern furniture combined with a semi classic elements.

the clients respond very well on this project , they liked what i did by matching the whole design to create such a lovely cozy home for them.
I learned a lot from this project from the scratch till its finished , in this field you actually learn everyday something new and you always have the opportunity and the chance to improve your skills to create a space that clients feel relief. I always want satisfy the clients.

  • Interior Designer: Nour Tarek

Posted by Nour Mohamed

I'm 25 years old ,graduating from the faculty of fine arts "Decor" department. Having enough experience in the field of Interior Design working in the Architecture & planning industry. Skilled in Autocad,3dsmax and Photoshop.

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