ARMONIA Collection (I)
Is a layout proposal for our furniture production line with a Fine, Elite & Elegant Stainless touch for Receptions & Living Areas

We try to make the Interior Space much Elegant & Useful for our customers providing them with both luxuriant & Simple Sense

ARMONIA Collection (I)
Targeting people who search the simple luxury designs
The Scenes is a proposal for the furniture layout to illustrate the usage for each piece in our collection
We was searching for a certain harmony (ARMONIA) between metal appearance & Marble|Velvet|Wood Textures

The Industrial Revolution | The Nature

Stainless display the industrial revolution with it’s speed accurate productions
Marble, Velvet & Wood … display the natural effect on our daily life that can’t be excluded

We wanted to inspire a certain harmony (ARMONIA) between the natural & manufactured materials giving the elite luxury mood

The material behavior knowledge …
It’s very important to know the behavior & the properties of the materials you are working with … so you can maximize the benefits from it & create the harmony find the rhythm between different materials to find out the perfect composition by all materials you got

  • Architect: MFInteriors | ARMONIA

Posted by Mostafa El-Fayed

At MFInteriors, We know what it means to give each project we work on the personalized attention it deserves. We want your residential or commercial space to reflect your genuine tastes, personality, needs, and making it our business to stay within your budget in order to make it happen. We are proud to offer our services for you … just to be a part of your unique elegant space, to help you reach your needs to make your space in its perfect state. Our Services: 1- Full interior design package (2D-3D) 2- Very Wide Designs choices 3- Unique, Variable & Adoptable Furniture design & manufacturing 4- Site Consultation 5- Construction services for interior & landscape projects Now it’s simple like never before … it’s now much easier than you ever expect You are the Owner… You are the Dreamer … We design your comfort Modern – Classic – Contemporary – English Style – American Style – Islamic Style Just make the choice …

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