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Studio Y is an agency dedicated to interior design and commercial aesthetics that defy gravity. Melding the big business idea with unique traits of each project, Studio Y gives birth to unique spatial experiences that work. Each Studio Y project is a powerful extension of vision and purpose, the union of spirit and aspiration. With a track record that lends itself to projects as diverse as hospitality venues, accommodations and large-scale events, they’ve taken many clients to audacious new heights and new frontiers that excite. Every Studio Y design is a potent mixture of constructive imagination and playful practicality. Inspired by down-to-earth features such as urban environments and social contexts, Studio Y concepts raise the roof, guiding clients to reach for the stars, both aesthetically and commercially. #yspacesfeelgood

MEZZ Kitchen and Bar

In the heart of busy Chadstone Shopping Centre a botanical oasis rises from the bustling crowds to beckon passersby into its restful and leafy interior. MEZZ Kitchen and Bar may indeed appear like a mirage to the tired shopper with...

/ March 28, 2017


Pintoh, named after the Lao version of a tiffin or lunch box, is a glimpse into the food culture of Lao and Island. Located in the centre of Melbourne, one can find the elements of this pintoh all around; from...

/ February 1, 2017