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I have always utilized artistic expression as my way to connect with others and the world around me. I was fortunate to have had an amazing family who could afford me piano lessons, in which I turned around into being a poetic songwriter, and an unbelievable art teacher in elementary school who helped me understand the healing of art when he noticed my struggles with assimilation from my home country of Cape Town, South Africa into 1989 Lexington, Kentucky. I never studied art in school because my connection to creating is far too personal to have a professor shred to bits, and more than likely me with it in the process. As an adult, sharing my art is my passion, and in the last several years of my professional career, I’ve cultivated my style and understood the importance of art in the world. I’ve collaborated with several non profit organizations to raise funds for their causes by curating art shows. Art gives me a voice, and my mind communicates in color.

Rising Above Chaos

This painting series explores humanism and our responses to our environments. As individuals, there’s a lot of mental and emotional baggage that we carry with us, and it colors how we to react to the world around us, and the...

/ January 6, 2020

South Beach Stigma

“South Beach Stigma” is the first painting featured and is Acrylic on canvas at 15”x32.” This painting was inspired by the story of Gianni Versace and what led to his death. I was reading Vulgar Favors by Maureen Orth, which...

/ December 27, 2019