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My name is Damiano Solazzo and I have a degree in industrial design by the architecture Faculty in Florence. I have a particular interest in applied and visual arts. During high school and university I have learned design basics, in order to develop and to find my personal path through the world of design and architecture. I have cooperated with the office of the architect Simone Micheli, where I had the chance to improve my skills and to amplify my passion for design, encouraging a proper, formal and aesthetic study. The interpretation of the shape and of the style on a level of signs, as well as the desire of going further turning the gaze to the future, are sources of inspiration and of daily comparison to find a personal and customisable research.

concept loft

This concept is the development of a two-floors apartment; kitchen, living, reading area and bathroom on the ground floor, bedroom and closet on the upper floor. The building is open space: a parallelepiped divided up into two floors, overlooking a...

/ March 19, 2018