This concept is the development of a two-floors apartment; kitchen, living, reading area and bathroom on the ground floor, bedroom and closet on the upper floor. The building is open space: a parallelepiped divided up into two floors, overlooking a valley. The main window on the external wall is designed to frame the beautiful landscape and exploit the natural lightning. The two floors are connected by a crome-plated staircase. The abundant use of wood and natural materials for the parquet flooring and fixed components of the kitchen contrast with the metals and glass elements present in the flat. The furniture, the bookcase and some design pieces, such as the small table in the reading area and the lamp on the first floor, are by relevant designers such as Isamu Noguchi and the Castiglioni Brothers. The white walls and sofas manage to create a clean and elegant look while the pictures by street artist “El Bocho” provide an interesting touch of originality.

The task was to create an open space that had a relationship with the surrounding environment and that implied the usage of compatible raw materials. The main idea was to think about furniture that could be used by a couple o by a typical family in order to realise a space that had a continuity with the outdoor environment.

I have used many types of wood, which is a natural warm and comfortable material that contrasts with colder elements like metal that can be found in some details e.g the base of the small tables and the handles of the staircases. On the other hand, the elements in glass create a continuity with the outdoor space that overloooks on a typical hill,increasing the perception of the inner space of the concept.

I have learnt to think and to project having a relationship with the environment, creating an armonic and original space that is provided with all comforts of a daily life in order to make an homey, hospitable and natty atmosphere.

  • Interior Designer: Damiano Solazzo

Posted by Damiano Solazzo

My name is Damiano Solazzo and I have a degree in industrial design by the architecture Faculty in Florence. I have a particular interest in applied and visual arts. During high school and university I have learned design basics, in order to develop and to find my personal path through the world of design and architecture. I have cooperated with the office of the architect Simone Micheli, where I had the chance to improve my skills and to amplify my passion for design, encouraging a proper, formal and aesthetic study. The interpretation of the shape and of the style on a level of signs, as well as the desire of going further turning the gaze to the future, are sources of inspiration and of daily comparison to find a personal and customisable research.

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