This project was inspired by my clients love for books. I tried to create the ideal space for physical and emotional rest. To make it tender for the eyesight I chose to use the soft rover wood texture, combined with elegant and and peaceful white and light purple.
I firmly believe that each color has an emotional sound, and I consider these colors to be quiet colors, ideal for a booklover.

This project was made for a teenage girl bedroom, whose books were her biggest love.
The plan for this project, is to create a quiet and peaceful space, for a very loud mind.
I had to plan the ideal resting space, physical and emotional, creating a feminine environment, with natural lighting and soft colors.

My client had one clear request, she wanted a peaceful space to rest, and to be surrounded by her books.
Since the space available was limited, and we needed to house so many books, I chose to insert the bed under the library. Building in the bed under the library, I managed to create free space for a dreamy make up table for my client, and a cozy seat next to the window, where she can read her books peacefully.
The color combination, by my choice, had to be something light and tender to the eyesight, but also elegant and feminine, this is why I chose to use the light wood texture, combined with shades of purple and also white, to help spreading the light into the room in a natural way.

My client was happy with the result of my project and decided to go on with the project, without the follow up, since this was a remote job.
Light wood texture helps with regulating the light into an environment, especially into small spaces.

  • Interior Designer: Silvestra Gjeci

Posted by Silvestra Gjeci

I work in a company that produces mostly customized furniture. My job stands in taking measures into customers personal environments, trying to understand their wishes and how they visualize the change they want to make. After seeing and discussing the customers wishes, I tend to create two or three project ideas for and present them to the client, altogether with samples of material, colors, texture etc. Creating the project and the technical sheet for the production area,and following up with the production is also my duty.

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