BookUp Bed is a bed with a headboard that has the support function. It is created to have an available area to support several useful things for the use of the bed (books, smartphone, magazines, tablet, cup of tea and more). The bedhead has four comfortable pillows to support the back. In the upper part there are two comfortable lights that guarantee the visibility of one side of the bed in case of need.
The bedhead is joined in a single band of fabric together with the ring of bed.

Bookup Bed allows you to have a bed without bedside tables and to be placed in front of small walls or in small spaces, without losing the ability to have a design element into home.

The target was to create a bed that had several integrated features. Not only the use of the function of sleep, but also the other functions that are usually around the sleeping zone. Allow each one to be able to have its own customizable space in a small space

The inspiration came from different designs, we evaluated some armchairs with the same style but we wanted to put in something of ours, something characteristic, in the use and finishes. I believe that the outcome is very comfortable and can make more relaxing use of the bed

People have responded positively. Like the enveloping shape of the headboard and the type of materials used. In addition the style is transverse, it is possible to combine the Bookup Bed in many environments without entering into conflict with the chosen decor.

Posted by Cristian Gentile

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