Modern rustic blended style kitchen, a mix of american and brazillian itens composing a clean place. Ideas from TV Shows like American Horror Story scenario and some ideas from the deepest part of my mind. Artistic but useful thoughts, ready to be reproduced into real life building.

This plan is a vision for a home where my client imagined, he have the space, he have the blueprint of it and now, he have the life in it. This is a piece, a little piece for a great and yet in progress work, my client wants to know how his entirely home will be after completed, we are following american styles and our goal it’s just simple, to make his home, a sweet home.
Made entirely from a blueprint that already exists, the plans is to create a huge and confortably place to live, this monochromatic kitchen was created to become a confortably and quiet place to stay, right next to the backyard this kitchen gonna be the first place to step after entering the house from the backyard.

The modern style, blended with americanish, i’ve found my inspiration on a TV Show called American Horror Story, colors like Black and white blending with the scene making it looks bigger. The doors was chosen that way, with rough glass just to absorb the environment illumination, but not to see through it. I’ve used a lot of Black marble that fit’s very well with black tiled ceramic floor, the walls made of clean concrete, not painted, giving some rustic results.

People respond very well on known social media, no complainings just praise. I’m aways learning, about illumination, decoration, evrything is a new skill. Tips? Just do never give up, when you think your evergy has gone…you still have 30% of it.

  • Interior Designer: Felipe Severo
  • Architect: Rafael Igreja CAU- A57807-0

Posted by Felipe Severo

Married, father of 2 beautiful boys, i've started to work in 3D and animation since 2014. Everything i've learned with tutorials and internet, with a agreat amount of willpower i've reached a level that i'd never imagined, and now i keep learning and doing what i love.

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