This round terrace has a stunning view of the city and made for relax with family and friends.The space is divided into 3 areas: an area with sun loungers, an area with sofas, a dining area with kitchen. It was necessary to place areas and provide devices for a comfortable stay on the terrace under different weather condition.
Customers plan to spend most of the time here in the evenings, so different lighting scenarios have been thought out to illuminate different zones.

The terrace is located on the 21st floor, there are quite strong winds. A high fence decorated with slats is installed around the perimeter to reduce gusts of wind.
Tall plants have been planted for the same purpose.Also, in the dining table area, there is a canopy and a slatted partition with a rain canopy from above.

The terrace finished with simple and durable materials in natural colors and shades. We didn’t want to use complex shapes and colors, because there were already quite a lot of designer shapes in the appartment. We made a material moodboard to create a project concept at first. We made up a collage from material pictures trying to combine them in rigt proportions.

Much attention was paid to the choice of durable wear-resistant materials in this project. It was necessary to provide devices for a comfortable stay on the terrace under different weather conditions: an awning from rain and sun over the dining area, high fences and green spaces to protect from the wind.

  • Interior Designer: bezformi_studio

Posted by Anna Trofimova

Architectural designer

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