Kitchen and living room as one big open space. We used calm colours and simple forms. But in room there are interesting parts of interior for example black wooden wall and wooden decor near stairs.
Design&renders – team of design-studio Prostir.

This project was designed as an open space for dinning and living rooms. It was created for a family of 3 people. The main goal was the creation of a cozy interior in which our clients will feel theirself comfortable.

Clients wanted interior design in calm colours, so we decided to use gray, brown colours and we added depth and contrast with black colour. Also, we made decorative wall behind the sofa of black wooden boards and repeated this wooden material on the ceilling.

Our clients liked this project. They liked the decorative wall very much and idea with additional light which we mounted between wooden planks. Firsty they misunderstood how to realize idea with light on the wall near tha stairs but we gave tha drawings with detail plan and it was no problems for them.
They immediately started to realize interior idea.

  • Interior Designer: Design studio Prostir

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Prostir is an architectural and design studio which was founded in 2008, and in 2016 its own production of enclosed furniture was created. The studio offers interior design services, architecture and subject design. We create projects in different styles, we work throughout Ukraine and outside of the country. We have an experiance of work abroad, in Moscow and Italy. The Portfolio has a design of living space, a commercial design, offices, and architecture. Our team is very friendly and love to work on projects of varying complexity. Our studio is member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine. Also, often in magazines published publications with design projects from our studio. We like what we do :)

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