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VZ Apartment

Apartments in a modern style are located in the center of Dnipro city. Initially the space of the future apartment was an exploited roof that was reconstructed into a living space. The main volume was glazed with panoramic glazing. Also...

/ November 4, 2021


-This is my latest project, I call it the black room of this apartment and from Vietnam-Sunrise Riverside, this project’s main colors are black and wood. I want pictures of it with the murky weather, mood, I hope everyone will...

/ April 28, 2019

Compact Bathroom

Minimum space needs maximum design strategies. This small bathroom remodeling project was designed to look more spacious. Even though the existing furniture footprint remained almost similar, the design makes it feel bigger than it actually is. The neutral and natural...

/ January 7, 2019

Living, Kitchen and minibar

In this project an open proposal was preferred, which allowed to integrate the kitchen, the living room and the minibar, thus capturing all eyes. Using metallic tones that made it a unique design. and taking into account the concepts of...

/ November 16, 2018

Wood&White Apartment in Minsk

Apartment of 68 sq. m. area for the family of 2 parents and 3 children, redesigned in old building of 1936 year. Preferences: two bedrooms and big hall, separated bathroom and WC, laundry room. Colour scheme: white, gray and wood.

/ August 22, 2018

Design interior of studio.

2017 Kitchen and living room as one big open space. We used calm colours and simple forms. But in room there are interesting parts of interior for example black wooden wall and wooden decor near stairs. Design&renders – team of...

/ March 30, 2018

Air apartment

This is a bedroom project, light like a breath of fresh air. Initial task was to make lightweight minimalism using authentic forms. In general, the room should be underlined with the addition of dark accents and wooden elements. So as...

/ January 24, 2018

Bathroom in a vintage and glamour style

Our main purpose was to design a bathroom in a family house for the young family. The client had furnished some rooms of the Provencal-style family house, mostly in white and gray colors. As the client likes the vintage and...

/ January 17, 2018

Concrete Living Room

This is a little personal project that I did aiming to improve both artistic and technical skills. It was entirely designed and produced in Blender. I personally love this kinds of ambient with rough materials like brick walls or rough...

/ September 20, 2017

Modern Loft Single Family House

Modern loft with curves concepts a design where the contrast is the protagonist, between cool and warm colors as well as modern furniture with some classic touch, it was possible to separate spaces with unevenness and furniture, “the curve” as...

/ September 8, 2017

Little girl room

This kids room with a total area of 20 m2 is designed for a child which age varies from 3 to 10 years of age. Present room can be used for both boy and a girl by adding or removing...

/ August 24, 2017

Small Bedroom

Small bedroom is a space of only 15 square meters. The goals was to design a bedroom for client, who was looking for something unique, natural and bright. The main idea of this project is to be pleasant and breathable....

/ July 7, 2017