New concept for a simple post modern dressing room .. it’s a comfy and cozy dressing room with lots of light to give more life for the space ..this dressing room designed for a young couple who wanted something traditional and modern at the same time

It was a master bedroom , so it was originally open to each other .. the client wanted a dressing room so I decided to have a small area for this dressing room and make it useful with no dead area

It was really a messy idea … the client had few images from the internet for what he thought the best concept for his room … the problem was that these images were very messy and no relationship between them what so ever… So i created this simple post modern concept

This was my first dressingroom design so It was a bit tricky to make all spaces useful and guess this project taught me how to deal with the off white color and wood materials in my next renders.
Hope you like it

  • Interior Designer: Hassnaa Hassan

Posted by Hassnaa Hassan

An aspiring interior designer and 3D visualizer, graduated from faculty of fine arts,highly motivated to make a difference in the design field! Worked on multiple residential and commercial projects around Alexandria, those experiences formed a solid base of skills like creativity, time management and working under stress. My study of Interior Design has become an obsession for me and it is my intention to let that obsession thrive in the most constructive way..

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