Folding House project is actually designed by simply folding a rectangle.What makes it unique is to design it in the simplest way and get the most impressive look at the same time.It is located near a lake between the mountains.Sharp corners of the house adapts the environment and catches the rhythm of mountains.

It is a conceptual work so it is not done for any client or a university. The idea behind the project was to create simplest but three dimensional ( Curved walls,Sharp corners) livable living space near a lake between the mountains.

Materials shaped by need.I used glass on the lake side of the house to not block lake and mountain view.It also brings roominess to the house.The rest of the house covered by plates which can easily adapt to the environment and gives the best feeling that it is kind a rock that pops up from the ground.

I shared it on my instagram account Arc.Only,which is one of the biggest architecture platforms on instagram and people respond it nicely. I took some comments like “looks amazing !” ,it shows that I achieved my initial goal.What I learned from this project is thinking simple is one of the hardest thing in architecture.

  • Architect: Kalvin Siropyan

Posted by Kalvin Siropyan

Name:Kalvin Siropyan Nationality:Turkish Education:Istanbul Technical University,Architecture Student Interests:Owner of Arc.Only & Design.Only on Instagram,Creating content on Behance

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