Arte is a salon specializing in hair and makeup. It is located in the buzzing streets of Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta. The owner of the salon incorporates Japanese hairstyling techniques so he wanted an interior look that would represent the service he provides. With this, the proposed concept was a Scandinavian contemporary with a touch of wood elements creating a clean and breezy interior look.

The concept is derived from the founder of the salon, Mr. Ken, who loves incorporating Japanese style into his work. He wanted something that would represent this part of his work to the interior surroundings that his clients would stay in.

The proposed concept was Scandinavian contemporary with wood elements. The use of wood in traditional Japanese houses has influenced the design of the partitions. Japanese people are known to have a simple introverted lifestyle therefore a Scandinavian style has a clean look that would depict simplicity.

The project was simple yet it had to look charming and calm as it is a salon where people would come to relax and have a good time. The use of colour and material had a huge impact on the overall look of the design to achieve the desired ambience.

  • Interior Designer: SJ Works

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