Approx area: 263m²

A house for the family of 6 in the city heritage zone. Area limitations require building volume to address the non-perpendicular intersection. In order to create perpendicular interior spaces, I combined 3 volumes: perpendicular Living and Garage volumes are connected by the Entrance volume with the angular reaction to the intersection.

Project addresses modern family needs for both privacy and the possibility to spend time together.
Separate parents zone with bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom is located in the first floor, while Children zone with bedrooms and bathrooms is placed on the second. Common family room with statement windows and high ceiling maintains the visual connection between Children and Family zones and creates space for family combining kitchen, dining room and living area.

Minimal building volumes are cladded with natural dark grey slate stone. Having both facades and roof treated with the same material results in homogeneous building image, while window wooden frames adds vibrance to the elevations.
Interior with warm white walls and natural wood elements overflown by daylight is inspired by Modern Scandinavian style.

Project was instantly confirmed and by city architect without having the mandatory council meeting for buildings in the Restricted zones. Close collaboration with clients resulted in successful creative process.
Each project brings new challenges, therefore insights and knowledge.
From this project I learned to work with the demanding site and find ways to ensure plan simplicity.
Tips? Always have clients’ best interest and needs in mind, every decision must be scaled by their point of view.

  • Architect: Urte Salce
  • Interior Designer: Urte Salce

Posted by Urte Salce

Experienced Architect and Interior designer, within the architecture & planning industry. Skilled in AutoCAD, Revit BIM, Management, Adobe Suit, and AutoCAD Architecture. Strong arts and design professional with a Master's degree focused in Spatial design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK).

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