Live in a loft is no longer a trend, but sometimes, a solution.
Found an empty shed, far enough from the city, and make it your home.
That’s is the project entitled “Galpão”. That means Shed in Portuguese.
“I have a big love for Scandinavian minimalist design. But always with one foot in the tropical style”.
And in this case, the tropical style took place with a big wall sticker. 
With a strong color and characteristic pattern. That made the big space more inviting.
The kitchen connects directly with the living, and from upstairs, where the dressing space is located, you can have a look of almost the whole space.
And down the stairs, you can find a cozy workspace.
The lighting floods the loft through the huge front windows.

At the beginning was just a project to work on my skills.
Then I had the chance to enroll in IED, Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, and they asked me for a project.
That was when I started to work more on this project, and still am actually.

I have been always in love with the Scandinavian, minimalist spaces, even if I’m from Brazil, so then people instantly think about green and vibrant colors.
I enjoy the details, and when the differential comes from the choice of a simple object or color

I think the mix of the minimalism and the strong green pattern that I chose, made the difference in this project and catches the attention for it.
This is that one project where you never stopping working.
I feel like I can always change something, or try new things.

  • Interior Designer: Jessica Anne Franco

Posted by Jessica Anne Franco

Focus on the contemporary, minimalist, functional design. Creative and fresh ideas. "Less is more".

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