The apartment is 46 sq.m. for the ladies, not burdened by family circumstances. Use only natural materials: brick, wood, glass, metal, concrete. The interior furnishings and materials of such firms have been used as Ligne Roset, BoConcept, Flos, Barcelona Designe, Ikea and others. The partition between the kitchen and the living room was made for my drawings of metal and glass.

Initially, the project consisted of 3 small rooms, one of which was combined with the kitchen. But the customer wanted more space and air. The big plus was the presence of 5 windows in the apartment. Customers do not like a lot of extra walls and doors. Everything had to be simple and logical.

Make apartment loft style was the wish of the customer. But at the same time add some softening details. The main condition was to use only natural materials and no fakes. If it is brick – the real one, not a brick under tile. bathroom walls are made of brick, which immediately gives the correct trim. If this tree – it is better engineered timber rather than the laminate. The ceiling used decking, which is not deformed under any circumstances.
Despite the kitchen is in the general area, to live in the kitchen is not always great, so it was the desire to visually separate it from the living room, without using walls. On this occasion, I had the idea to air the bookshelf.

Visitors to the apartments always find for yourself something new and interesting, even if they do not like the style of a loft or even prefer the classics. For example, a homemade sink or sliding doors, closing the bedroom and wardrobe; dining table, which can also be a working surface for cooking; a large shower room and another, communicating bathroom, from which you can get into the bedroom and into the hallway. By the way about the curtains on the windows: in this project, kitchen and living room are in one room, but the curtains in the kitchen area different from the curtains in the living room – it’s fun – so do not be afraid to experiment. Such games give the interior expression and individuality.

  • Interior Designer: Lena Bolshakova

Posted by Lena Bolshakova

For many years I worked as a designer in advertising. In 2007 I graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture and interior design just doing since 2009. I love to do the interiors in a contemporary style and come up with different art objects and furniture specifically for every interior. My works have participated in various competitions.

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