The design is a trial to harmonize black and dark color with light oak veneered furniture, while giving the luxurious touch of bronze elements as in decorative floor lamps, night stands and bathroom accessories.
Materials used for the walls is grey concrete with putty finish which doesn’t dominate on other design elements for joinery, glass & metals yet have a character of it’s own to stand within the design.

The project was a trial to enhance my design abilities as well as presentation through 3D max and vray for learning purposes only and to upgrade my portfolio. The plan was to create a collection of modern design elements in a harmonized way as possible.

A collection for a lot of design ideas from the internet as well trying to use the light oak veneer as a master element for joinery items, the simplicity of modern design of the joinery items and decorative elements as the simple wall paintings.

The project in general was well received though it lacks some detailed items as in bathroom accessories. The project was a motivation to enhance my presentation abilities using 3D max and Vray to try to produce a product with a realistic theme as close as possible for which I watched a lot of tutorials and more try and error

  • Interior Designer: Moamen ElShazly

Posted by Moamen Elshazly

Architect, interior designer

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