I call this project “when interior can speak”.These scenes were actually made for a furniture company but it didn’t mean that i can’t give them a hidden meaning.So this is all about furniture’s and interior’s types that depend on age, gender, lifestyle ect.

It was created for “Bradbury Home” company in order to submit it on their website. We took certain group of customers and tried to satisfy their needs about the furniture in the bedroom. So it had to be something simple, cosy and not very expencive.

So the first one – let’s call it “grey” was created for a married couple, some kind of buisness people that love rational and simple things.I took these colours because it is the most neutral and calm gamma that just can’t be annoying. The matras of the bed can be lifted up and there you find a space to keep sheets, pillows ect. Also there are two moving pillows which you can regulate in the angle that is needed for sleeping or reading…
The second “pink” was for a 7y.o. girl, so it had to say “here lives a lil princess but she’s gonna grow up one day”. Pink is probably the favourite colour of all girls in that age but in order to make it not so “screaming” i added some whites and greeny-yellows. As the kids grow fast their preferences and needs changes soon, so the furniture and the hole interior has to be flexible. For example the backrest of the bed can be moved away when the kid doesn’t need it anymore.

The interior can say a lot about it’s owner,in fact it has to be a reflection of the people living in it,so when you’re creating a project for someone you have to get as much as possible information about the person.It is very important to remember that you’re creating it not for yourself and it means that you have to care and understand the client first of all; and your secondary goal has to be a creation of something beautiful and stylish.

  • Interior Designer: Juliet Shaban
  • supervisor: Bradbury Home

Posted by Juliet Shaban

Studied at Lviv National Academy of Arts, after graduation worked as a freelancer and coworked with some studios.Recently made a web site and trying to start my own studio of interior design matched with a furniture company.I'm always opened for offers of design work and coworking.

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