Modern loft with curves concepts a design where the contrast is the protagonist, between cool and warm colors as well as modern furniture with some classic touch, it was possible to separate spaces with unevenness and furniture, “the curve” as a concept helped to integrate each area of the housing and breaking with the straight line characteristic of the modern style.
Separate common area of private area on two floors make the staircase a focal point in design.

House designed for a couple of doctors with two children, who needed a totally different design to their work area where they are in constant pressure
Both worked all day in a hospital needed to forget the cool interior design and stripped of those place, therefore a warm decoration was the first objective

The project needed something simple and functional, without leaving aside the aesthetics. The large space of the apartment and its two floors allowed to use the style of “loft” in contrast with the modern style to avoid the “industrial” aspect for being couple of doctors that require a touch of elegance and neatness in the design.
The modern style allowed to play more with the contrast between cold and warm colors, modern and classic furniture

It was satisfactory and achieved what the client needed.
The importance of talking to the customer, inquire about their tastes, lifestyle, really know what they need, and as for space; take advantage of the area without fear of mixing styles and currents that contrast, mix furniture from different times and colors, all with a sense and intensity looking for the design to go beyond expectations

  • Interior Designer: Adriana Carolina Flores Arrivillaga

Posted by Adriana Flores

Hello! I am Adriana Carolina Flores Arrivillaga from Caracas, Venezuela. I am 22 years old, since i was a little child, i took a great interest for the architecture and design, searching whit admiration harmonic and attractive spaces but especially functional, always supporting the taste for the concept " less, it is more ", without neglecting details. Everything began with the passion for the photography and for my city "Caracas", crossing the streets and photographing his architecture in amateur vision, did that and began to interest me a lot the history and architecture of the city. The work of the Arq. Carlos Gómez de Llarena, Carlos Raúl Villanueva among others are a fundamental part of my beginnings, his foundations and the integration of the spaces and the environment are worth of admiration. My beginnings in the career were in the faculty of architecture, where I began to know more about theory and practice in relation to the design, spaces and art. Approaching what i learn then i was only it sawing across my room, then i start yo move interact and investigate on materials, colors and textures. Rigth now I am a student of design of interiors, and every day i get more info love of muy carrer, the design of furniture, the psychology of the color, the harmony and solution of spaces, especially trying to understand what the human being needs in his environment, I am a lover of the art, the photography, the city, the environment, and the design in general with a desireof constants learning, passionate and curious.

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