Scandinavian style can not help but like. He disposes to himself, radiating extraordinary lightness, naturalness and simplicity. Residents of the cold Scandinavian countries are not peculiar to the pursuit of luxury, with the arrangement of their homes they prefer a cozy and warm interior. Every day the Scandinavian style is becoming more popular.

The aim of the project was to create a cozy and atmospheric interior in Scandinavian style is a fashionable and topical solution for interior design. The Scandinavian atmosphere will suit everyone who appreciates the warmth and comfort of a home environment, who does not want radical changes, but nevertheless dreams of renewing the interior. If you want to live in spacious and bright rooms, in an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity – choose in favor of Scandinavian style and you will definitely be satisfied

The style was chosen on the basis of the following conditions: it was necessary to have sufficient daylight inside the premises, as well as a long autumn-winter period, when one wants so much that the house is pleased with the warmth and comfort.
The colors were chosen based on the Scandinavian style: the interior is usually aged in light, cool colors – white, light gray, sky blue. As additional in the design, the tones of natural wood, stone, sand and brown shades are used. Accent colors – dense blue, turquoise, yellow, red, black.
The main requirement for materials is naturalness, it is she who will bring comfort to the house.
Scandinavian furniture is practical and functional. Nothing superfluous, there must be a maximum of free space. Most of the furniture is made from light trees (beech, birch, sometimes pine, spruce).
Inspiration came after viewing photographs of the interior in the Scandinavian style.

This is my first design Dining room in the Scandinavian style, performing it I learned how to choose the right materials for interior lighting, which is useful for creating the following works. While working on this project, he received inspiration and energy to create further works.
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