This poject is simple solution of Victorian style. Gray walls with white detail is always in fashion and every style it will be a big hit when using these colors. Furniture is Gianfranco Ferre, plaster moldings is Dikart that combination is secret for awesome interior solution.

Victorian Solution for client, that she can se how to realize him idea. I love to project interiors especially when is Victorian type of style. My clinent love luxury, and good quality stuff. Plan of flor is wery rare buth Amazing with Gold detail.

Material, style and colors is wish from the client, my insipration is from the books. I use V Ray materials who i make from myself, i make in Cinema 4d software with v ray render. Post Production is make in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe LightRoom.

Aboslutley, every new project is a new challenge. Many people think that this style is imaginative and very nice, but not accessible to anyone. I personally believe that every person has a bad habit, and that if he wants to realize such a project must will give up some bad habits and deeply believe that can be realized and cut fixed period of time everything will be implemented, only the strong will and faith.

  • Interior Designer: BrankoNovak3D

Posted by Branko Novak

Finish Building school in Belgrade 2003y. I love my job he make my soul satisfied. I vill help any people because i think my knowledge is gift from the Good, and i want share that knowlege.

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