The interior of the studio Ruda consists of showroom, office, kitchen and bathroom. Here the objects of the furniture, lightning, decor, tile and ware are presented.
Title «Ruda» takes place from title of the mineral from which metals are extracted (in russian Ruda means ore).

The main idea of the space is creation of installations as the blocks of ore which cross with metal elements. Those are holders under the objects. Subjects made from metal that are located on holders correspond the type of metal in ore. By these installations we wanted to show the way of metal from rock to interior subject.

On walls of showroom it is possible to look up the samples of metal tile as hexagon, rhombus, rectangular, square and circle performed in brass, copper and aluminium with patina.
Also in space the stand with subjects hand-worked is placed. The stand represents 3 brass arches with wooden shelves .On shelves it is possible to see objects from clay, metal and plaster. It is ware, decor, lighting and handmade jewelry.
At small office interiors and architectural objects are created. Also here it is possible to study catalogs of interiors and subject design.
For the staff there is a small kitchen in which all equipment is made of stainless steel. It is important to us to keep features of the existing room therefore the wall of the Odessa’s rakushnyak (local stone) remained in an untouched type.

Many designers intrested this work and we got excellent respond of our design.
In this project, we learned to apply symbolism in interior design and easy and carefully implement new elements on the existing environment.
Also we were interested to combine luxury detail with industrial base of interior.

  • Interior Designer: RUDA studio

Posted by Alexandra Rudenko

Ruda is the space which includes design studio and workshop with furniture production. The symbiosis of these two branches gives effective results in the implementation of projects. We are working on the creation of architectural projects, interior design and furniture production. The purpose of our activity is to develop design and implement the idea into practice. We are interested in the city as a system in which interactions occur on a daily basis of people, so the architecture and design in the hospitality industry are of great importance. The design is intended to solve problems and, on this basis, we aim to identify the original design goal for a particular facility. Our philosophy is creation objects that work on quality and timeless aesthetics. Each project is unique. It made for both particular place and person. The “honesty” in materials is important for us so we use the natural value of our earth and use it with trepidation in products.

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