In 2017, I worked with the argentinian designer Federico Churba.
The objective of the project was to show their furniture, in interior renderings.
We define a modern places, in which the furniture fits well.
We finish by defining the 2 interiors that you will see below.

The plan for Federico Churba was showcase their furniture, in residential stylish interiors.
Since taking pictures is sometimes logistically complicated, making 3D renders for furniture is a good alternative.
This form of 3D visualization is increasingly used in the bussiness and industry.

We had a previous talk, and we define a moodboard based on a scenes that already have myself in my library.
The inspiration, in the bedroom comes from the industrial tipical lofts.
And in the living room, of a modern apartment city.

I believe that the images had a good reception.
Personally I liked how they were, and my client too, and that is very important.
The images are on Facebook, Instagram, and Behance.
They were used in my Portfolio 2017, so I think they were really good.

  • Interior Designer: Javier Wainstein

Posted by Javier Wainstein

I am 23 years old student of Industrial Design on FADU (UBA), and I work in 3D visualization. I specialize in interiors and furniture visualization. I have worked with designers like Federico Churba, Cristian Mohaded, and architecture studios like Oppenheim, Yoo, Sally Caroline and Studio Stassano. Let's talk!

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