As a designer, it’s necessary to keep developing the scene according to latest trends making it more and more interactive using latest technologies. As someone has said very beautifully, It’s not that we use technology, we live Technology.

Here are my renders, Uploading an old render too so we can distinguish the improvements and what needs more to be done !!

Don’t forget to check the 360 Video here:

Started working on a interior scene last week, which i did 2 years back during my graduation. It was all about re-designing with more realistic and appealing look with the knowledge i gained till now.

It was quite challenging to develop this project from scratch 2 years back when i actually started working on it for the first time. I achieved good results but as i gained more and more knowledge about the actual process of designing and developed my skills, i thought of improving the plan so i re-designed it with all i got till now. It was one of my personal project for measuring my skills.

As i’m from a designing background the thing which i have learned is ‘Research’ and ‘Patience’. Person having these two skills can actually touch the sky. Research comes under Pre-Production phase of the project. Backbone of your project.
A minute spend more on research will save hours in production followed by Post production.

I took so many references and read hell lot of articles of some the great designers to determine the actual output of the scene.

And, Patience is that thing which makes you fucking stronger. You’ll fall thousands time but you have to get up and start working. Your system will crash, your hard drive will crash or misplaced. These things will test your patience. Just keep your target in mind.

Yeah i got very few responses till now but the ones i got was super amazing and it inspired me to work more efficiently. Got praises from lot of my seniors. And definitely you always learn from everything. In every stage, there are different situations and you have to think in a different manner every time. In terms of technicality, I have developed my lighting and texturing skills a lot. Even i worked with different render setups to get the best and realistic output.

And last thing, Be calm and keep working and learning.

  • Interior Designer: Pavandeep Singh

Posted by Pavandeep Singh

Hello, I'm Pavandeep Singh and this is My Story. An average student with extra ordinary views and dreams. Always started working with a Clear thought in Mind, which seriously helps me to stay motivated,that even if i fail,to accomplish any task or to complete any pro or make it in the way i thought, i wear that failure as a badge of honour it will act as a steeping ladder to me and another thing which pushed me whenever i get depressed is 'Purpose'. It is the thing which makes me feel that i'm something way more bigger than myself. And last thing Ideas ever get fully formed, never !! You have to work on it really hard to make it work. Jus need to get started. i'm a graduate of Birla Institute of Technology,Mesra Ranchi,India.Currently Employed With RealPage Inc. Developed Virtual reality application for Real estate market. Keen learner and a good Observant.

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