The project ” Taburetes” is a combination of natural and industrial materials, where rustic is reflected in a contemporary way, the project exposes the essence of wood, is ideal for indoor and exterior environments.

It can be used in every ambience and in any imaginable way. For example: as a pedestal table, auxiliar table, or just as a stool. It can also be used to put a flower pot on it, or just to give a touch of rustic in a modern room.

“Taburetes” is our first project, and it is part of the Rustic Product Line, with which we want to introduce our design studio BONHO to the public.

With this project we want to demonstrate that rustic wood has a delicate angle too, contrary to the traditional thought that it is crude and lacking of elegance.

“Taburetes” can be used in many ways to match the costumer’s imagination, it can be used as bedside tables, a simple stool, auxiliar table, or to put a flowerpot on it, providing a unique touch to every space indoors or outdoors.

The project wants to demonstrate that the naturalness and rusticity of pine trunk can be combined with the durability and modernity of metal, to create a unique piece of decoration, that is functional in various ways.

The delicate and exact form of the metal structure is key to stand out the beautiful rusticity of the pine trunk, that is our inspiration.

People has respond in a very positive way to our project “Taburetes” because it reflects themselves, in the way they can personalise it by how they use it.

Through this project we have learned that there are more and more people everyday, that prefer custom objects rather than the ones produced in series, people nowadays are looking for something different, they want to decorate their environments with unique pieces that demonstrate style and personality.

  • Product Designer: Paula Rodriguez B.
  • Architect: Clara Rodriguez B.

Posted by Paula Rodriguez Bravo

We are a group of designers and architects from Ecuador, we take care of: architecture, consulting, and design of residential and commercial spaces. Design of custom objects and furniture

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