Tri-Dance” is a Coffee table inspired by Henri Matisse’s painting “La Danse”.
The three legs of the table curve from the floor up and transform into a flat surface, creating an endless circular continuance.
Just like the circle of dancers, the form of the table is ambivalent- An instability that appears from certain angles is compensated by a firm stability from other angles where the legs appear to maintain a strong grasp of the floor.

The project was created as a personal exercise of translating inspiration into design and used as a portfolio project.
It took many sessions of trial and error to reach the point where my vision of the table was one with the actual result.

Tri-Dance was created as a result of a strong influence by the painting “La Danse” by Henri Matisse.
This painting always fascinated me for different reasons and I felt I wanted to create an interpretation for it
in my field of expertise.
The nudity of the dancers in the painting is represented by the natural colour of the wood and the curved nature of the design lead to an obvious choice of veneer.

Many people in several different platforms fell in love with the table and asked about buying one.
Unfortunately the project still hasn’t been realised and I am currently in search for a manufacturer.
One important thing I learned as a designer form this project is that design is an endless game of trial and error.
Sometimes what you envision is not translating well enough to visual form and it is very frustrating, but you should never give up on your vision and keep changing, improving and refining until you reach this point where everything just falls into place.

  • Product Designer: Dror Kaspi, ARDOMA Design

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After completing my industrial design studies at Instituto Europe de Design in Barcelona Spain and working two years for several design studios as a freelancer to gain experience in the field, I decided to establish my very own design studio, Ardoma Design. My great love for crafting drove me towards home decor and lighting and my studio offers several hand crafted or partially hand crafted products, as well as other design services for manufacturing companies. In my work I like to use contrasting elements. The world is a melting pot of contrasts. Finding the perfect balance between them creates harmony and harmony makes life better. I create objects that are constant reminders that harmony is a choice and it is always the better option.

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