A small project that I imagined a long time ago. I wanted to feel a natural space with organic shapes against straight shapes.
The natural areas are very important today, where cities with pollution and chaos, You need to relax and breathe clean and fresh air.

Firstly I wanted to make a personal project like a small bathroom for my page web and social media, and I knew that I need to do something different. Therefore I mixed an outdoor with a close space, with some tropical vegetation. I wanted that when you see the images you feel a relaxing time.

The first inspiration comes from the interior designer named Ilse Crawford. When I saw a Netflix series called Abstract.

I chose a green palette because that color is relaxing and fresh, and you can stay in space for a lot of time. And natural material like the stone you can feel like more natural space.


When I did this project I did not know the reaction of people, but today many pages on Instagram have published my work.

I learned many things, firstly about interior design like the feeling of the spaces, and choose the right furniture for each situation, the different roughness of materials, the quantity of reflective light for each material and how this reflective light affects to space.

  • Architect: Pixelversemx

Posted by Juan Carlos Saldivar

Architect, CGArtist and Human of this Universe. @pixelversemx

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