Interior designe of this bedroom is combination of modern, industrial, vintage and classic style. The client’s request was “white comfortable room” which can be used as bedroom and library. They want classical style for this room. I tried to satisfy desire for classic,
but I put some modern elements to give classic a different dimension and point of view. The idea was successfully passed.

Plan for this room was creating unique, comfortable room in combination of classical style with modern and vintage elements.
Goal was to make classic interior on fresh new way. The room was supposed to be bright
with classic furniture and stained glass that puts light in the living room, which is below this room.

Classic style and white color of walls was client request. I can’t make just classic room with heavy wooden furniture. I need to cross the border of classics style by introducing modern elements, to make speace more interesting.
Inspiration: I imagined this room was a scene for a movie.

I learn from this project that every project is photogenic, it is only a matter of designer’s imagination. The client liked the project and the design has passed, although I did not expect it.
I think people like my project and I feel support to continue with my work as 3D artist and designer.

  • Architect: dach.arch

Posted by Ana Cogoljević

I'm young 3D artist and senior architect with passion and focus to create distinctive and nice spaces, regardless of the style requirements. I have work-experience at construction site in architectural planning, landscape planning, architectural design, preparation for execution of construction works. Now I'm working as 3D artist and architect-designer with focus on interior design and architectural visualisations. I find my playground in Architectural CGI. Contact me:

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