Apartment of 68 sq. m. area for the family of 2 parents and 3 children, redesigned in old building of 1936 year. Preferences: two bedrooms and big hall, separated bathroom and WC, laundry room. Colour scheme: white, gray and wood.

Clients prefered an open space but with two separate bedrooms, big hall and a small laundry, minimal kitchen zone and a small rest zone. Little workstation in the living room, and a big table in dining room. No static constructions, they wanted to be able to change furnishing at any time. Bathroom and WC were planned to be saparate.

Light white/gray textures and wood details came from nature and scandinavian style. No massive textures or patterns, only calm light atmosfere and lots of wooden surfaces. Windows are mostly opened, so minimal textile decor is used. Furniture is mobile and can be changed at any time. Kids sleeping places are close to each other to give more free space in the room.

The project aimed the clients desires – they got a light space with nature details. Functional zones satisfy their everyday needs and a calm colour scheme gives the feeling of being at home. A big hall makes it easy to leave in the morning and come at evening- everyone has his space.

  • Interior Designer: Nastassia Reutskaya

Posted by Nastassia Reutskaya

Interior designer&CG artist from Belarus

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