This project was a challenge due to the small space the client had. My main goal was to make use of this space as much as possible while providing all the client’s needs in a modern yet cozy environment. The color palette used was grey and white with a small touch of yellow to give it a little vibe.

This project was a model of how to make a small space useful as much as possible, providing the clients (Mr. & Ms. Abdallah) a cozy modern master bedroom with all their needs for comfort (bed, closet, balcony set..) and entertainment (TV wall).

Ms. Abdallah always liked the color grey and wanted to use it as a classy modern touch, so I used roller coat textured grey paint to give it a raw feeling. I used the white color with the grey to have a clean welcoming space, while the yellow gave it a bit of a smooth touch of coziness.

The clients loved the final result of their Master bedroom design. They felt like their vision for the bedroom was brought to life with a classier enhancement. The goal of working with a client is to provide a full vision with their needs and preferences with a slight touch of STYLE and CREATIVITY to reflect their character in their most private space; THE MASTER BEDROOM.

  • Interior Designer: Jessica Hayar
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  • 3D render: Joelle Haddad

Posted by Joelle Haddad

I'm passionate about interior design and architecture. I believe that everything around us is inspiring, and its idea should be used properly in order to create something new, original, and futuristic. I do what i love, there for i'm in love with what i do. I believe that our space/ environment should speak for us about us to others. There's no right or wrong in creativity, it just needs inspiration, faith and some courage. Skills: Autocad, Photoshop, Sketchup V-ray and 3D max. Languages: fluent in arabic, english and french

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