White color doesn’t Always make a luxury room, sometimes the black does!

With some brown touches in around the place, your mood will change & the cactus can play around with the atmosphere!

Simple, elegant and quietness were the main 3 words to come up with the colors, elements and general scene.

On my way to improve my skills and self experiences, an idea was generated with the visualized concept.

Using a full dark color scheme wasn’t my way of creating scenes but i had to give it a shot and try something new for a change (as a personal perspective).

Usually what I aim for is Modern, Loft and Contemporary styles. Classic Styles were always the hardest from my perspective to work on.
I challenged myself and chose Simple, Elegant and Quietness and faced what i always have seen as HARD and came up with the shown results.

I have learned that not only bright colors can make a place full of life, but also darkness can make a beauty in its own way when they are used in the right way.
Classic wasn’t as hard as I was expecting, at least that is what i realized after I finished this small project and a bigger project will be up ahead as a bigger challenge.

  • Interior Designer: Marwa Jamous

Posted by Marwa Jamous

My name is Marwa Jamous,a 3D and Interior designer graduated from Philadelphia university in Jordan .. Interior Design and Decoration is my passion and Creating Beautiful Scenes is what I love.

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