This is a reformulation of a bedroom for a young man. It had been planned to serve three uses: sleep, study and have a closet. All the area of ​​the bedroom had to be thought out and used, since the bedroom has a small area, making the most of it.

The plan was to create a bedroom for a young man in a residential house, with the goal to transmits it’s identity, and at the same time transmit confort in a space where he could both relax, study or storage his belongs.

The style was choosed considerating the taste of the owner of the space and according to his necessities. Therefore was picked the MDF material to do the cabinets and the table, mixing two different textures, a dark grey, that reminds a contemporary style, and the texture of wood in a caramel color that transmits confort.
In the walls was proposed sober colors and in some areas of it the brick wallpaper created a contrast. Still in the walls, was suspended a board and a bookshelf to storage the study’s materials. The closet is in a color that mimics the wall, and in front of it the mirror give the sensation of amplitude of space. Hangers behind the door accomodate backpacks and clothes in the entrance, and the bed is disposed in a way that don’t occupy much space.

The clients enjoyed the result of the project, it seems the young man really appreciates his new bedroom. In the social media the project receives a good feedback, some of them with tips to make the bed more private with a creation of a hall entrance, but in general is were well seen

  • Architect: Marcelle Coelho

Posted by Marcelle Coelho

Summarizing: a newly formed architect and urban planner, and a job security technician, still discovering myself as a professional and perfecting myself in some fields that architecture encompasses, such as interior design, landscaping, renovations and construction.

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