The space for this canteen was created by the reconstruction of the railway factory. This space is designed in an industrial and modern style. The task of this project was: factory complex design, the organization of newly created space, furniture design, and 3D visualization. This is the result of the design!

The plan for this project was to reconstruct old ruins of the factory into one functional place for restaurant, concerts, exhibits etc.
The main goal of the canteen space is to create an open large space with good communication that is used for eating, reading
and socializing. The main goal was to create a pleasant ambiance in an industrial spirit.

Inspiration came from the ruin itself. Since its the old railway factory, it was designed in industrial design, so prioritization was functionality and modern industrial design. Hence, we have several types of concrete, light wood, lots of greenery and yellow
color as a contrast.

Ths was the biggest and most requisite project I’ve ever done. The factory is over 2000 m2 big, and I needed to do the full reconstruction, installations, projecting of the furniture, and full interior design. The special challenge was that space has more purpose. From the railway factory, a hall for concerts and workshops, office space, sales space, meeting room and canteen had to be created.

  • Interior Designer: Kristina Vasović

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  1. Dear Kristina Vasović, congrats, great design! Where is the project? Is it in use already?


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