This is a practical exercise developed for the specialization on interior design at the Buenos Aires University, it develops the sense of texture whit the combination of wallpapers, furniture, and fabrics. the bathroom, living room and master bedroom are intervened in this project combine furniture from different design studios as Gervasony, Moooi, Moroso, and couple of wallpapers from Wall and Deco.

The plan for this project was to recreate a calm space where the clients could go in theirs free time and enjoy the view, the city and themselves, the clients are a marriage of businessmen who pretend to spend at least two weeks per semester in this apartment located in Miami Beach.

The inspiration for choosing the furniture and wall papers came from Miami, the city where is located the apartment and from the owner’s personal interest in the oriental culture, the tropical aspects of Miami as the color and the flora were reflected mostly on the walls and the oriental influence was placed on the fabrics of the furniture, the paintings and the lighting that completed the space.

This was an academical exercise which had a specific viewer, the teachers and classmates received it well, and as my first developed space was full of learning. I learned that the point of view of the client is essential as much as be open to new kind of products and ways to conceive the space.

  • Interior Designer: Rodrigo Bulla

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I'm a Colombian industrial designer with a passion for the conception of commercial and private spaces.

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