Three-bedroom apartment for 2 people with a potential baby with a large place for entertaining in the dining/living room that will also contain a convertible 2nd bedroom being divided by the sliding door. Entry area, Kitchen, Dining area, Living room, Master Bedroom, 2nd bedroom, Bathroom and 2nd bathroom. Wonderful home for a modern family. Type/project: apartment. Location: Hudson St, NJ, United States

An apartment design in New Jersey, the USA. From the windows of the apartment we can see a spectacular and picturesque view of the river Hudson and Manhattan Island. This fact was the basic while working on the conception of every detail in the interior. The open space, the transformation of the interior areas and the light were very important for the client. This project consists of a kitchen, a living room, a dining area and a home office / guest bedroom. The last was separated with the help of the glass partitions and curtains because of the clients needs. In other words the space inside the other one share different functions but also they show a part of a big open space of the apartment which was one of the priorities for the client.

We used cool color palette where dominated grey, dark blue, white and black color. Apart from modern expensive furniture, marble floors, kitchen with island we’ve also made an accent on decorative details. In general as a result we can see a big, light open space with different types of lighting.

Firstly it was a meaningful and useful experience because of the extraordinary objective. Later it was an interesting work on the style of interior. A space had to be clean, light, warm and comfortable for the client. During the project we had some complex but intriguing task that connected with the ceiling and eventually found the correct solution.

  • Interior Designer: KAPRANDESIGN / Interior Workshop

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