The design of this chair was inspired from the Zen stones. Having observed images of the stacked zen stones the idea of this furniture piece was created. The zen stones are a balance stones that stack up perfectly forming a rather unique structure. Having looked at how these stones stack up rather frail but maintain an overall strong structure that cant be seen by the eye.

This project was a personal project that I had done after having being inspired by what nature has to offer. Having worked on several projects here and there but not really gathered inspiration from whats around(nature). With this project I tried to take that route and see what I could perceive from nature and how I could translate that into a furniture piece.

The chair inspiration comes from the observation of the Zen stones. Zen Stones are balancing stones used in Japanese Gardens for the tuning of energy and meditation. Having observed images of the Zen Stones, I came to realise how frail they look having being stacked upwards yet maintaining a rather strong structure(Unseen support). This got me interested in a way to create furniture that would symbolise this energy and show this rather unseen structure created by the Zen stones once stacked. The design of the chair tries to mimic yet displaying this unseen structure that is created by the stones once stacked.

The chair is created out of a wood frame that is all one piece of wood(sculpted). The wooden frame symbolises the unseen energy and structure that the Zen stones portray. The seating area and back rest are in a pod like form(Stone). These are placed in position to offer comfort seating for the user. The pods that are placed inside an overall frame symbolising the Zen stones once stacked. They are elements that come together to create a strong structure.The zen stones once stacked create a sense of peace and welcoming. This is translated to the design of the Zen chair by having the seating pods centered with all four ledge curving into the seating area inviting one to take a seat.

The (Lè Zen) chair design was received very positively by many. One great take a way from this personal project is to observe what nature is doing and deciphering what its trying to tell us. Implementing our perception of nature through design creates rather beautiful pieces of work.

Posted by Pasque Mawalla

Born and raised in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. Having completed my high school at the International School of Tanganyika, decided to pursue my university career in Milan, Italy. With a career path into architecture, design has always played a major role in my everyday life. Driven by passion to find alternative ways through design to make everyday objects, spaces more functional and user-friendly, not forgetting aesthetically pleasing.Everything that one comes in contact with has been designed and design decisions were made for one to have the interaction and experience with what they come in contact with. With such a direct and powerful reach into peoples daily interactions is the reason I spend majority of my time rethinking whats around me and how we could make it better.

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