It is an area of 4.80m x 2.90m (13.92m²) located at the residence’s backyard. The area is small, but it was possible to create a comfortable outdoor environment for the residents to enjoy, with the use of flowers, shrubs and arboreal vegetation.

This project was for a young couple and aimed to create attractive areas with little space. The residence is small and this was the only environment discovered to work an outdoor leisure area, so a space for contemplation was planned.

I sought inspiration in nature itself with the use of plants of different heights and stones. The color for the walls is a medium yellow, so there is not much contrast between the natural area (vegetation and stones) and the artificial area (construction).

People liked the way the garden was designed, which ceases to transmit the feeling of small space and gives a feeling of comfort. Small spaces can also be comfortable and look good, we always have to look for elements with the same scale as the environment, in addition to combining colors that can give harmony between the new and the old, the small and the big, the natural and the artificial.

  • Decorator: JTS Architecture

Posted by Jéssica Santos

I am an architecture student, almost an architect, who loves to make changes, decorate, create! I create images from Lumion 8 + Photoshop CC 2019 with different concepts!

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