A building or interior occupies an unique situation; it is inherently connected to it’s site (Context+Environment). When l went to Pasalimani Flour Factory, l remembered the citation from the book l read. l was impressed and inspired by the beauty of nature and the historical places around the building. Therefore l wanted to create an atmosphere in the interior as well as the living atmosphere around the building with Cell. The permeable feature of the Cell means that the natural atmosphere around the structure carries it into the structure. Its vividness represents the vitality of the natural atmosphere around the structure.

The project created for laboratory assistants (in plant science), university students and professors from plant sciences department and people interested in plants. The goal of the project is research in plant science and inform the visitors about those researchers.

Design Process

● Design of Nucleus and Connection Element
● Growing of Connection Element to floor
● Creation of new masses. The window opening can be used for the pass to the masses
● Creation of new spaces

Nucleus: Nucleus is the center of every mass. Staircase placed in the Nucleus. Before passing to other masses, only Nucleus can be used. The Nucleus has pores and takes on the task of the Cell Nucleus.

Endoplasmic Reticulum: The task of the element is to connect the Nucleus and other masses. The element carries visitors from Nucleus to other places as Endoplasmic Reticulum.

I Chose That Materials:

U Profile Glass: The material represents of Cell Membrane.
Aluminum: The material is facade lining of the Nucleus. This material is chosen for a strong effect.
Oak Wood: The material is chosen to create a warm atmosphere.

l Learned That:

l designed the Pasalimani Flour Factory for the second time. This time l approached more details of historical structure and l learned what we should pay attention to when we design a historical structure. At the same time, l learned that the building gains a new identity and functional with a different concept.

  • Interior Designer: Nisa Kapuagasi

Posted by Nisa Kapuagasi

l believe, design should be people oriented. Every project has to be amenable to change people's lives, living conditions and requirements as well as their lifestyle and their enjoyment. For this reason, every project has a different story. That's why l think the building's relation with its environment, its function, and design identity has to be interpreted by considering this situation during the design process.

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