This apartment design is an example of living in an open, creative space.
The program in this area is simple: corridor/living room/two bedrooms/bathroom/kitchen/balcony.
The interaction between this spaces is well designed and connected.
The materiality of the forms was precisely chosen.

This apartment has 75 square m area. The main purpose of this design was to create a place for creative people. Initially it was designed for a couple. The apartment has two bedrooms and one living room. With transformable walls the space is more flexible and open.

The core of the proposal was to create contemporary athmosphere with forms and materials. We used metal, glass, fabrics and wood in our project. Material of the floors is close to the nature, meanwhile walls are more industrial. The kitchen is made from stainless steel totally. With materials we separate the entrance zone from the living area.

First impression was always “wow, how we can find our calmness in this space?” Then, by observing details, people can find very interesting and interacting all the forms and materials, the furnishings and every detail in the space. This apartment project was an interesting journey for the creativity of mind.

  • Architect: ZMX architectural practice

Posted by ZMX

ZMX is Yerevan-based architectural practice founded in 2020. We work with any scale from interior design to architecture, scenography, analytical research and urban planning. We create research-based projects.

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