This a project I did for contest. The Client needed to visualize his reception and dining room attached to the living room with a very simple design and not so much noise.

This Project is done with Autodesk Revit for the modeling and the visualization is done by Blender 2.81 EEVEE ( an opensource free software).

This is the 1st time using blender to do an archviz scene. which I can say I am very Proud of the result.

The Plan for this project that i needed to get my eevee and blender game to be as good .. and it was for a contest. The client needed a specifed floor pattern which was traventine or cream Uno marble only.

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well, as you can see from the style I wanted it to be as simple as it can be. and the client had a few rules to follow. so I started to implement them in my design. the floors is traventine or cream Uno marble only. and I looked at as many a LUXURY minimalistic design to get that inspiration and started working at my design by hand 1st and then migrated to use revit for modeling and blender eevee for rendering.

I had a lot of good response for that project and said has a good overall simplicity.

All i can say the simpler the better. because as poeple they tend to like complications.

Always try to capture what the client wants. Its his apartment after all. He know what he needs to be done for his apartment and you must have the knowledge to translate what he needs to your design and dont be afriad to suggest more ideas to his vision. you might get a desgin that is very very good.

  • Interior Designer: Eng. Mohamed Osama

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