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Saranac Partners – Relocation & Fit Out in Central London

Wealth Management firm Saranac Partners appointed Oktra to establish their first lease held office in London. They were initially in a serviced space that did not support their expansion plans. Working with their internal steering group and project manager our...

/ March 15, 2017

Sushi-Burrito Restaurant

Proposal for the renovation of a sushi-burrito restaurant in Dubai… AH! The globalization! Project modeled with SketchUp, rendered in VRay and post-production in Photoshop. Unfortunatly i didn’t win the competition and so this design is destined to remain an idea.

/ February 21, 2017

Interior from Photo

These pictures I made in the 3d max, corona renderer, photoshop, marvelous designer. All the furniture except the decor, shelf and mirror was made by me. Photo of design company which is unknown to me. I was inspired by these...

/ February 16, 2017

Parametric Office

The office is situated in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The overall area is 62 sq. m. We chose minimalistic style to accentuate the parametric wall which covers vertical area from the balcony’s windows to the radial wall. The reception area is created...

/ February 14, 2017

3D office visualisation

The goal was to create 3D visualisations for office interior in Denmark, Copenhagen. Our team had all the control from very beggining – interior design concept, furniture concept and of course – visualisation style and development. Our goal and main...

/ February 7, 2017


Pintoh, named after the Lao version of a tiffin or lunch box, is a glimpse into the food culture of Lao and Island. Located in the centre of Melbourne, one can find the elements of this pintoh all around; from...

/ February 1, 2017

[ Grids and Points Ceiling ]

This project was obtained through a parametric design process and represents a proposal for a caffee shop ceiling. The logic was to find different connections between each grid point and the center of each grid’s cell. The more complex the...

/ January 28, 2017

Al jubail Hotel

The project was a hotel in Al Jubail city in Saudi Arabia,Designed in semi classic style . the client wanted medium cost and nice design in the same time , which inspired me this style. it makes you feel luxury...

/ January 18, 2017


It is a good to share someone you love in your design… My wife ‘Amar Muhandes’ and me spent good time designing this restaurant project for a customer in Saudi Arabia. Done by Autocad, 3ds Max and V-Ray Render with...

/ January 17, 2017

Meat Me Pita Bar in Moscow

Project creators: Igor Skarzheuski and Aliona Skarzheuskaya Meat Me Pita Bar is a place where Eastern flavors reach their perfection in traditional pita dishes. It is a place where traditional culinary philosophy, drive and passion are served to you.

/ January 3, 2017

Suite Interior Design

It´s a renovation of a residential building that will be a five stars apart-hotel with luxury suites. The wood element was the main inspiration to make this interior. The residential apartment is reaconditioned by soft colors, and a good distribution...

/ December 12, 2016


The condo is located in the brand new condominium complex near the forest in Kyiv. The total square footage is 53 sq. meters. Taking into consideration our clients ideas and preferences that they shared helped us made their dream design...

/ November 26, 2016